Wednesday, August 11, 2010

To Melbourne!

I was hoping to get another post up this week but nothing came to fruition, I am afraid. But never fear! Next week I will have plenty to muse over as this weekend I am heading to Melbourne for the Freeplay Independent Games Festival!
This is exciting for a number of reasons. Firstly, because I get to go to Melbourne. Secondly, because I get to spend several hours on an airplane with nothing but Dragon Quest IX. Thirdly, because I will get to meet some of you people face-to-face. Fourthly, because a lot of the talks are going to be really interesting. And fifthly, because Gamasutra have been so awesome as to let me write up reports on Brandon Boyer's and Adam Saltsman's keynotes.
And by 'exciting' I clearly mean 'horrifying'. I have never written a report on an event before so hopefully I can pull this off. I have been reading heaps of reports written by others and playing plenty of Gravity Hook HD in fear of not writing something adequate. If no reports on Freeplay appear on Gamasutra in the next week, I clearly am no good at writing reports and we can all pretend this post never happened, deal? But self-doubt aside, I am really excited to have the chance to do this... and to justify me flying to Melbourne for a weekend!
Melbourne aside, I am back at university for another semester now and have plenty of articles to read and essays to write, so new posts at Critical Damage may not appear as often as they have the past couple of months. That said, I would really like to try to write reports on every talk and seminar I attend at Freeplay and post them here over the coming weeks. 
So there is some housekeeping that will hopefully preempt any kind of dreadful "Sorry I have not posted for so long!" kind of post in the coming weeks.
If anyone else is going to be at Freeplay this weekend, say hello if you see me! I'll be the hairy guy inappropriately attired  for a city as many degrees of latitude from the equator as Melbourne tends to be.


Asher the Basher said...

Have a great trip! It sounds like good fun. I'm sure the report writing will go splendidly!

Gerard Delaney said...

Hope you enjoy Melbourne town. Sadly work is keeping me away from Freeplay this weekend :(

Tim "Wall" Saitta said...

Hey thanks again for dropping by - I realise I replied to you in full... on our site XD which seems like a bit of a silly thing to do.

Never fear; I read your write-up of Brandon's keynote on Gamasutra - well done, it's getting great Tweets too. I'm sure your forthcoming articles will be fantastic.

Cheers from Wall @ GameTaco! Hope to catch you next year.

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