Monday, August 16, 2010

From Melbourne!

Well I am back in Brisbane now. Had a beautiful, staggering, inspiring, amazing, exhausting few days in Melbourne with some incredible people and in the proximity of a lot of other incredible people.
In the coming days (or weeks once I actually accept that I have university studies I need to be doing) I will be posting a few Freeplay related blogs. I'm aiming to do an overall impressions post, a post looking at some of my own musings on Truna's "Beyond the Controller" presentation, and a post about the importance and challenges of Alexander Bruce's spectacular Hazard. A lot of these will mean nothing to you if you were not there, but it will once I get the posts up!
In the meantime, my Gamasutra reports are starting to appear! My report on Brandon Boyer's "All Play Is Personal" keynote is up now, and my reports on Adam Saltsman's "Play & Games & Videogames & Us" and the "Twisted Space" seminar will be going up tomorrow and Wednesday respectively, I believe. Hope people enjoy them!
So yeah. It has really been a mad few days what with the ideas, the people, and my first real 'deadline'. I'm really pumped but if I try writing anything else tonight I may actually explode. So stay tuned!

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